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Greek Statue created by Steven Hunter for Agora Greek Statue for Agora

Ice Sculptings for The Golden Compass Ice Sculptings for
The Golden Compas

Steven Hunter has worked in, led teams and contributed to the sculpture design on a number of films, theatre productions and television programmes. His media include polystyrene, poly-carving, clay and wood.

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 Statue Of Titan by Steven Hunter    Sculptures for the Sherlock production by Steven Hunter    Work for Agora by Steven Hunter
Clash of the Titans   Sherlock Holmes   Agora
Statues for Atonement by Steven Hunter   Statues for the Da Vinci Code by Steven Hunter   Life of Pi
Atonement   Other Films     Life of Pi

Steven also worked on Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day producing large architectural decoration for catwalk scenes; Pride and Prejudice as Head Sculptor producing all wall panels and architectural decoration to fit in with originals; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of a large team of sculptors that built the banks of the chocolate river, a very large scale poly-carving; Phantom of The Opera producing work for the stage, sculpting very figurative statues and architectural enhancements in clay and polystyrene, and also working on set hanging curtains and drapery as part of finished stage setting; and on Troy as part of a team sculpting a 25ft seated figure of Zeus in polystyrene and life-size female figures in style of Mycenaean art as well as clay wall reliefs and friezes.