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Other Films

Steven Hunter has worked on a number of other films and media productions, working in a range of materials. Some of his recent work includes:

Mrs Pettigrew Lives For a Day: large architectural decoration for catwalk scenes

Bourn Ultimatum: large door carving in clay from original wood panel.

The Golden Compass: as part of team of sculptors, ice and snow scenes in polystyrene.

Stardust: architectural enhancement.

Da Vinci Code: figurative statues and architectural enhancement in clay and polystyrene

Pride and Prejudice: wall panels and architectural decoration to fit in with originals. Working with two assistants.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: the banks of the chocolate river, a very large scale poly-carving.

Phantom of the Opera: very figurative statues and architectural enhancement in clay and polystyrene. Steven also worked on set hanging curtains and drapery as part of the finished stage setting.

Troy: 25ft seated figure of Zeus in polystyrene and life-size female figures in style of Mycenaean art. Also clay wall reliefs and friezes.


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